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All-in-one platform for creating and sharing video presentations, tutorials, lectures, screencasts and more.

Modernize the way you teach!

Create flipped classroom videos, short how-tos or quick reminders and use your in-class time more efficiently. Record once and allow students to rewatch multiple times if needed. Direct viewers to additional resources or tasks by adding calls to action.
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Increase student engagement!

  • Import existing teaching resources such as PDFs, Google and PowerPoint slides in to VideoCom Presenter.
  • Create interactive and engaging learning experiences using images, videos, websites and more.
  • Share and collaborate with your students in VideoCom Cloud. It also allows you to set privacy options for your media.
  • Respond to your students by giving them feedback with text, annotations, voice, video or all of the above using VideoCom Capture.
  • Track viewer engagement with media consumption insights.
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92% of students think that video improves their learning experience

Connect with your students.

Form better connections with students by sending them personalized video assignments and feedback.

Ask students to create their own video presentations to showcase their learning, and to document how they come to a specific result by recording their screen. It's a great way to assess how well they can demonstrate and talk through their work.

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Classroom before & after using VideoCom

Improve your Live Lectures & Online Meetings

Use VideoCom Presenter for live and hybrid lectures by adding it as your camera source during a video conference, or projecting it onto a screen in the classroom.

Our platform also allows you to communicate with parents by adding a personal touch to the traditional classroom newsletter, and by conducting interactive remote parent - teacher meetings.

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Share On-Demand Videos

Supplement your regular lessons with additional pre-recorded content to recap on the important topics and enhance the knowledge. Use your in-class time more efficiently by sending educational videos for viewing in advance.

We offer a secure library for your shared videos and captures which can be easily accessed by whoever you want, whenever they want.

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Modernize the way you interact

Record your screen, your webcam or both and share it quickly and easily with your students via a link.

Use video to explain some difficult concepts, view student comments and give feedback. Add multimedia, annotations and interactive elements to make sure that your teaching material is interesting and clear.

An illustrative representation of videos, images, comments and webcams

Gain valuable insights

Add calls to action to make your videos interactive and track viewer engagement. VideoCom Cloud helps you understand how your media is consumed, so you know which content your students are engaging with better.

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Things to expect using VideoCom.

Save time and money by adopting e-learning practices.

We’ve built tools that are simple and super easy to use, yet offer clever solutions to the modern education needs. Focus more time on direct support by allowing your students to access recorded explainer videos whenever they need.

Improve engagement and attract attention with video content.

Creatively engage online and offline. Stimulate active learning by adding interactive content to your presentations. Easily and quickly create personalized or generic videos with no recording time limit, and then effortlessly share and store them in the secure cloud.

Optimize the learning experience.

Can’t deliver your lecture or important presentation in person? Record and submit the pre-recorded one to avoid disappointment. Highlight and explain important points and give feedback more efficiently. Students can explore and rewatch videos to make content stick.

Enable better teaching today!

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