February 6th, 2023

VideoCom Capture as an Amazing Screen Sharing Tool for Students

VideoCom Capture as an Amazing Screen Sharing Tool for Students

Back in the day, I spent most of my waking hours at school trying to meet deadlines for countless subjects, spending roughly half of the day or so absorbing as much information as possible to take on the world when I grow up. It wasn't exactly a walk in the park for me--technology wasn't as mature back then, so most things at school had to be done using paper, pens, and the like. Also, everyone used to collaborate in person by going to libraries or having group discussions. Looking back, I would have loved to get some tips on how to manage my time more efficiently during those school days.

A student busy studying by using a book as his source material

Considering we now live in a world where it's quite easy to reach anyone around the globe, there's an inevitable demand for solutions that will take advantage of this very concept.

Nowadays it's very common to do classes using video conferencing tools like Zoom, Teams, and a lot more. It has become a cost-effective medium that benefits both teachers and students--the setup has proven itself an integral part of the online education system.

A student doing a video class with his teacher through a computer

VideoCom taps into these existing technologies to make it a lot easier for students to communicate with their classmates and teachers!

VideoCom Capture makes it ever so easy to create screenshots or videos directly from your computer screen to the cloud so you can share them with anyone, anytime! All you have to do is press the hotkey and then start capturing. It generates a link so you can quickly share it online.

Some incredible things you can do with VideoCom Capture:

  • Quick sharing of images and/or videos from your screen during brainstorming sessions with your groupmates in class.
  • As the next best thing to replace explanation through writing. Just share a link with your teacher for a better visual of your ideas.
  • Use VideoCom capture to keep visual notes of anything that goes on screen that may be important for future reference.
  • And a whole lot more!

Ever had difficulties trying to make your point in class? Well, sharing the actual image or sending a video demo of what's on your mind will most definitely help you communicate your ideas clearly and in no time at all. VideoCom Capture makes this possible and it's amazing how easy it is to do!

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