December 19th, 2023

Improving Business Relationships through Digital Tools for Video Content, Contract Renewal, and More

Improving Business Relationships through Digital Tools for Video Content, Contract Renewal, and More

Regardless of the product or service your business offers, relationship management is crucial to engaging your audience and supply chain over the long term. These relationships can be between the business and its consumers, with the goal of going beyond mere transactions to retain customers and build brand loyalty. A Forbes article on networking illustrates the importance of cultivating business-to-business relationships to generate leads, create contacts for joint ventures and expansions, and gain competitive advantage.

Aside from investing in marketing campaigns and attending industry events, you can build and improve your customer and business relationships with the help of digital tools. Today’s digital age opens you up to a wide range of programs that aid in understanding your customers and partners, meeting their needs, and ultimately driving long-term support for your business.

Upland Software for relationship and insight mapping

For companies that sell products or services directly to other companies, the current business-to-business (B2B) landscape is characterized by hard-to-source pipelines and deal slippages. However, Upland Software’s newest first-to-market solution provides B2B sales organizations with the tools to reduce sales cycles and increase winnable deals. By combining the core capabilities of relationship and insight mapping, businesses can visualize key decision-makers in deal cycles, strategize on solving their problems, and get actionable insights on how to drive and sustain revenue. These physical maps can also be seamlessly integrated across sales, marketing, and customer support teams for improved collaboration.

Softrax for contract renewal management

Whether your business engages with customers or other organizations, contract renewal is a critical process for maintaining higher-value partnerships, reducing operational slowdown, and optimizing contract costs. Fortunately, you don’t have to struggle with manual contract renewal since there can be a dedicated platform for adding contract management to your workflows. Through Softrax’s contract renewal management software, you can design and customize contracts depending on date, product, or location, review upcoming renewals, and leverage extensive reporting capabilities for a detailed look at the lifecycle of each contract. Overall, this platform enables you to automate key contract renewal phases to save time and resources.

Selligent for optimized customer interactions

Reaching out to your customers doesn’t begin and end with rolling out marketing campaigns. You’d want to understand and meet their needs at every phase of the buyer journey. In this light, the business-to-consumer (B2C) platform Selligent helps you optimize customer relationships across multiple marketing channels. The software leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine how a customer or lead engages with the content on your website, posts, or emails. It then creates a user profile for every interaction so you can better generate leads, target prospects, and provide a more relevant customer experience.

VideoCom Presenter for sales prospecting videos

Lastly, a previous post entitled ‘The Power of Video Prospecting: Building Connections That Boost Sales’ highlights how businesses can utilize video content to engage their target audience, customize their offerings, and generate growth. Since you need high-quality videos that leave a positive impression among clients and consumers, maximize VideoCom Presenter’s features when creating, editing, and finalizing your sales prospecting videos. These include personalizing your overlays using videos, images, websites, and screen captures, as well as accessing speaker notes to improve your delivery and keep your video professional. Additionally, VideoCom Presenter can be integrated with the cold outreach software Lemlist to weave videos right into your emails.

Overall, there are various digital tools at your disposal that can help you build and maintain long-term business relationships, be it B2B, B2C, or both. As with any other technology you plan to integrate into your workflows and processes, identify your current budget and needs first to ensure that it fits into your overall business strategy.

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