November 16th, 2023

Elevate Your Sales Proposals with VideoCom and Flowla

Elevate Your Sales Proposals with VideoCom and Flowla

Sales cycles are stretching longer than ever before. They involve numerous stakeholders, often working remotely, striving to avoid the complexity of never-ending email threads. On top of that, clients expect more than just static documents; they want engaging, interactive experiences that showcase the value of your products or services as quickly and efficiently as possible.

VideoCom and Flowla have joined forces to revolutionize the way you present your offerings to potential clients. This partnership enables you to create a wide array of impactful videos, easily incorporating them into your sales proposals within Flowla. It provides your clients with a truly immersive buyer experience.

Sales proposal flow becomes the central hub for all communication. Every interaction occurs efficiently, without the hassle of protracted email exchanges.

Whether it's a welcome video message from the CEO, an interactive product demo, or a recording of your meeting, VideoCom and Flowla ensure that your sales proposals deliver engaging experiences vividly illustrating the value you offer. Ultimately providing your clients with a truly immersive buying journey.

VideoCom: Personalized Video Creation

Whether you're selling software, a digital or physical product, or providing a service, VideoCom helps you easily create interactive demos and personalized videos.

You can record your slides, your screen, webcam, and add overlay elements and clickable elements that engage viewers. Once you have your recordings done it’s time to add them to Flowla so you can unify them with other sales resources.

So what is Flowla?

Flowla: Personalized Buyer Journeys

Flowla is a platform designed to help you create and deliver engaging sales proposals. It allows you to maintain all essential sales collateral in one accessible hub. It also offers you the ability to set the action plan, so everyone involved in the deal knows exactly the stage it’s at and the next steps.

With Flowla, you can craft visually stunning, interactive proposals that capture your clients' attention and guide them through your offering.

Adding VideoCom Videos to Flowla

Here's a short video showing how easy it is to use VideoCom and Flowla to create the best sales proposal for your clients.

Here's how it works:

1. Log in to Flowla: If you're not already using Flowla, make sure to set up an account and create your sales flow.

2. Create or Open Your Sales Flow: Once you're in, either create a new sales flow or open an existing one that you want to enhance with VideoCom videos. Your sales flow acts as the canvas for your entire sales journey.

3. Add Content: You will see an option to add a link or upload your videos and other multimedia content.

4. Upload or Link Your Video: You can either upload the video directly from your computer or link to it. Flowla supports both options when adding videos created with VideoCom.

5. Seamless Integration: Once you've added your video, it will be automatically embedded into your flow for easy viewing without the need to open additional tabs. If you have some buttons or hotspots added to your video, your prospects will be able to click through and interact with these CTAs seamlessly. It’s especially useful when sharing interactive product demos or self-serve walkthroughs.

6. Share with Your Prospects: Now that your sales flow is all jazzed up with VideoCom videos and other resources, share it with your prospects. They can access the flow, view the videos, and engage with your content all in one convenient location.

7. Interactive Viewing: When your clients open your sales proposal in Flowla, they'll experience your welcome message, software demo, or onboarding video with full interactivity.

8. Collaboration and Feedback: Flowla enables collaboration with clients. They can provide feedback and comments directly within the proposal, fostering a transparent and efficient communication process.

Benefits of the VideoCom and Flowla Partnership

  • Enhanced Engagement: Interactive demos created with VideoCom capture your client's attention and keep them engaged throughout the proposal.
  • Personalized Presentations: Tailor your sales proposals to each client's specific needs, addressing their pain points and showcasing how your solution can solve their problems.
  • Streamlined Communication: With Flowla, you can keep all communication in one place, reducing the need for multiple emails and attachments.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Both VideoCom and Flowla provide analytics, so you can measure the effectiveness of your demos and proposals, allowing for continuous improvement.
  • Competitive Edge: Stand out from the competition by presenting your offerings in a modern, interactive, and memorable way.

In conclusion, the partnership between VideoCom and Flowla empowers businesses to create immersive sales proposals that leave a lasting impact on potential clients. By combining the capabilities of VideoCom to create interactive software demos and personalized videos with Flowla's proposal platform, you can provide clients with an unforgettable, interactive experience.

Elevate your sales game today by harnessing the power of this innovative partnership and winning more clients with engaging interactive proposals.

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