Create simple screen recordings that can be instantly shared.

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Key Features

Making it easy to create and send screenshots and screen recordings.

Just a button away

Capture is ready when you are. Instantly capture or record your screen at the click of a button.

Two buttons with the choice of screenshot or video

Intelligent Sizing

We've made it easy to capture exactly what you need. A window, an area or even the full screen. It's your choice.

A section of screen is highlighted using the region capture tool

Show with annotations

Annotations can help you get your point across more easily. Add annotations as you're creating to avoid needing edit after the fact. We've added an assortment of annotation types to give you ultimate flexibility.

Illustration of a drawn circle using the freehand illustration tool

Say more with voice

Being able to talk about what you're showing while recording a screen capture will help you provide context and also give a more personal feel to the media you create.

Picture of person with microphone icon on top