January 9th, 2023

Sharing VideoCom Presenter Slides in a Webex Meeting

Sharing VideoCom Presenter Slides in a Webex Meeting

One of the regular yet amazingly useful features Webex Meetings provides is the ability for users to share their screen alongside their camera and audio. It is in Webex’s screen-sharing features where third-party presentation softwares shine, as it also opens up ways for just about any user to display professional and creative presentations to audiences with ease.

VideoCom Presenter

One such third-party software is VideoCom Presenter, where slides can contain rich media elements such as cameras, images, and video, making for a seamless and professional experience for both you and your audience.

How to share VideoCom Presenter slides

To set up Presenter for sharing on Webex, first click the Present button and then select Project to a Screen. When you choose a monitor and click OK, a new window will open and fill the monitor of your choice.

The VideoCom Presenter Present button next to the Record button

VideoCom Present button

Then in your Webex meeting room, click Share (or Ctrl + Shift + D), and among the list of applications, select VideoCom Presenter (2). This will share just the window with the presented slides, and you can control what’s shown to your audience back on VideoCom Presenter.

Mouse hovering above VideoCom Presenter in the WebEx Meetings Share content window

Select VideoCom Presenter in the applications list and click Share

It’s as easy as that! Interested in another way to share on Webex, we made another blog post on a different yet even simpler method to get VideoCom Presenter on your Webex meeting using your webcam.



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