January 2nd, 2023

Share Screenshots Like a Pro with VideoCom Capture

Share Screenshots Like a Pro with VideoCom Capture

I am glad we live in a time where online connectivity is common and accessible to everyone--it makes keeping in touch with family, friends, and colleagues much easier.

Speaking of which, I would like to share an app that greatly improved the quality of my online communications and is definitely one of the most essential things I'll be using for many years to come. VideoCom Capture has been my go-to app whenever I need to quickly capture and/or show anything from my computer and share it with just about anyone in just a few clicks.

My mom and I usually talk on Messenger about stuff she wants to buy online for the house, and sharing images can be a pain at times, I can't believe a process as simple as sharing images can be long and confusing for not-so-techy people like my mom.

How Sharing Images Can Be Such a Chore

Last week, we talked about getting a tree tower for her cats, so she sent me an image of what appears to be a screenshot from an e-commerce store catalog showing all types of products available so that I can choose which is what. I know what you're thinking: She could've just sent me the link to the catalog, but being the non-techy person she is, this is as far as she can go in terms of sharing things online.

Using Paint to manually add an annotation to an image

How we used to do it: I would save the image on my PC, open the image using Paint or Photoshop, use the shapes tool to mark whatever, save the image again, look for it in the location where I saved it, then drag it back to messenger, only to realize mom didn't want that particular product. This has been our setup before, and we don't have the patience to go through that anymore.

Capture and Sharing Made Lightning Fast

But with VideoCom Capture, things are a whole lot easier!

Here's a quick demo of how VideoCom Capture works to capture and share your images quickly and easily.

I viewed the image straight from Messenger (didn't need to save it!) pressed the hotkey to take the screenshot, highlighted the product I fancied, pressed the Take Screenshot button, and that's it! The app automatically generated a link which I sent to mom. All that happened within just a few seconds!

Needless to say, this has definitely made sharing images and even videos an enjoyable and less stressful experience for me and my family. Let's leave the old ways and embrace things that make life easier for everyone!

VideoCom Capture is so easy to use and can save you a lot of time and effort! In our next blog, I'll share great tips on how you can use VideoCom Capture to level up media sharing at school and at work.

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