April 12th, 2023

Introducing VideoCom Presenter 2.0: The Ultimate Presentation Tool

Introducing VideoCom Presenter 2.0: The Ultimate Presentation Tool

Hey friends! For those that don’t know me, I’m Gareth, head honcho of VideoCom Presenter. After months of blood, sweat, and tears, I’m extremely excited to announce the release of Presenter 2.0, a major update and milestone for VideoCom Presenter.

A quick video run through of all the new Presenter 2.0 features.

What's new in Presenter 2.0?

If you're not familiar with VideoCom Presenter, it's an app that lets you take your existing PowerPoint, Google Slides, or PDF presentations and add all kinds of cool stuff like webcams, videos, and more. And with Presenter 2.0, we've made some serious upgrades that are going to blow your socks off!

GIF Showing the difference between the old Presenter UI and the new Presenter 2.0 UI

A fresh coat of paint

One of the first things you’ll notice is that we’ve completely revamped the UI to make it even more user-friendly. It's like getting a fresh coat of paint on your presentation game. The main focus of the new design was to improve the user experience and help you achieve the results you want, more quicker.

Presenter 2.0's Google Integration in action

Direct integration for Google Slides

You can now browse, select and import your Google Slides without ever having to leave VideoCom Presenter. No need to copy and paste links any more - hooray!

Presenter 2.0's partial camera background removal

Remove your background…with a twist!

VideoCom Presenter has had the ability to remove the background on your camera or webcam since its inception. Being able to hide your messy home office (we won’t judge) is super powerful. We’ve taken it a step further and added a brand new partial background removal feature that allows you to only take a section of your background away so that it feels like you’re reaching out into your presentation. Super awesome for immersion.

Showing how Presenter 2.0 can add your VideoCom Cloud Media directly from the app

Insert Media from VideoCom Cloud with Ease

We know how important it is to have all your media in one place, which is why we've made it even easier to access content stored in VideoCom Cloud. With Presenter 2.0, you can now add any media you've uploaded to VideoCom Cloud, including recordings made with VideoCom Capture or VideoCom Presenter, with just a few clicks. No more downloading and re-uploading - it's that simple!

Presenter 2.0's new Text feature

Add more context and depth

Add text to your slides directly in Presenter. That's right, you can now add all kinds of annotations and notes to give your presentation more context and depth. Better yet, build up a slide from scratch.

Presenter 2.0's Review and Save feature

Review before you upload

You can now review your recording before uploading it to VideoCom Cloud to make sure it’s perfect. You can add a title and description to your recording, making it even easier to organize and share.

Download Presenter 2.0

Now, I know what you're thinking. "How do I get my hands on Presenter 2.0?" Well, my friend, it's super easy. Go to the Presenter page on our website and click download, available for both Windows and Mac. That's it! Then, get ready to take your presentations to the next level.

Alternatively, if you’re already logged in to VideoCom Cloud, you can click the user menu in the top right corner and then click Download Presenter.

A quick summary

The new VideoCom Presenter update is a massive overhaul and a complete game changer. We’ve added all kinds of new features and upgrades that will help you create presentations that are even more engaging, informative, and professional. And as always, we can't wait to see what you create. So go ahead, download Presenter 2.0, and let's get started!

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