May 8th, 2023

Announcing VideoCom and Webex Integration to Enhance Hybrid Work

Announcing VideoCom and Webex Integration to Enhance Hybrid Work

We are thrilled to announce that VideoCom has partnered with Webex to power Hybrid Work, helping users stand out and be closer to their audiences!

With VideoCom Presenter, we make it possible for you to expand the possibilities of your presentations by letting you be a part of your own slides. By integrating with Webex, you can now also:

  1. Deliver more personalized slides in your Webex meetings
  2. Show more rich media in your slides, like screen captures and annotations
  3. Boost your organization’s productivity with asynchronous communication

How to use VideoCom Presenter as a Camera in Webex Meetings

How the VideoCom + Webex integration works

Make your presentation more engaging by adding your camera to with VideoCom. All you need to do is:

  1. Create a free account at VideoCom
  2. Upload your slides to VideoCom Presenter
  3. Select the VideoCom Camera during a Webex meeting

Visit VideoCom on the Webex AppHub

A Webex Meeting room with VideoCom Camera selected as the camera device.

VideoCom Camera on Webex Meetings

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