January 23rd, 2023

Tips for an Effective After-sales Support

Tips for an Effective After-sales Support

As someone who works for a department where people are tasked to make sure the product/service sells, my role is not limited to just focusing on getting as many people as possible to purchase from us. Another very important element of a successful sales campaign involves ensuring that these customers who trust your product will stay by building great after-sales support. Well, I dare say this is definitely a priority when talking about factors that can easily make or break a company.

Why is this such a vital metric, you might ask? For one, keeping your existing customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. Also, having more people trust your product over time increases your product's value--it gets better known by more and more people as a reliable solution to their particular use case.

Now let's go over some tips that will elevate your after-sales support to world-class heights:

A couple who's pleased with the customer service they're receiving online.

1. Create dedicated customer support (e.g. Chat, phone, or email support team) that is trained to handle different types of customers. Every conversation with customers should begin and end with a smile to leave a good and lasting impression. Be very careful though, people are highly likely to leave if you have poor customer service.

2. Be very open when users share their ideas and feature requests. Improvements made to your product should be based on what people want and need.

3. Offer incentives such as discounts, special deals, or gifts to reward your loyal customers.

4. ALWAYS listen to complaints and/or feedback. This is one way to pinpoint areas for improvement on your product. Customers often appreciate it when they feel they're being heard and taken seriously on their issues.

5. Take your after-sales interaction to the next level by using apps or tools that will aid in your overall communications with users. VideoCom Capture allows you to quickly share screenshots and videos with just a few clicks! It automatically generates a link which makes sharing easier and faster.

By putting ourselves in our customer's shoes, we'll understand what kind of support they need. I've supported people for years-- I can definitely say that the presence of effective after-sales support is a very big chunk of what constitutes a company that's very likely to last.

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