December 12th, 2022

How to Capture Your Product Demos with a Click of a Button

How to Capture Your Product Demos with a Click of a Button

What comes to mind when you hear “product demo”? For me, I immediately think that it is something I could try for myself, and it’s often an exciting thought—I can recall a lot of products that I still use today all because I was able to try them beforehand. It may be the same for you as well, whether it was trying out free samples from a grocery, or a hands-on demo of the latest tech at an expo. It stands to show that product demos can be an excellent method to showcase your service or product to potential prospects and, in turn, hearing their feedback is a great way to gauge interest.

But let’s take a step back a bit. The examples I’ve stated normally occur if you were physically there, but what about for products like software or websites—services of a digital nature? How do you begin to demo them to potential clients?

There’s more to this: what if your product demo is also not simply that of selling a physical product or software, but a service you offer? This includes services such as education, onboarding, customer success, or marketing, to name a few. What that would mean then is if when it comes to conducting demos of their products or services, individuals and businesses would typically look for solutions, mainly:

  • A screen recording solution - The ability to capture what’s happening on the screen, like websites, windows, or entire monitors.
  • A presentation software - The ability to create and display slideshow presentations
  • Add audio and/or cameras - The ability to personalize and add sources to be able to connect what you’re sharing with your audience

The great news is that this technology is available today. Over at VideoCom, we turned these solutions into VideoCom Capture and VideoCom Presenter. They are excellent tools for giving you the ability to showcase and demonstrate your products, including digital products like a website or software, among other services including education and marketing. In this article, I’ll show you how you can capture your product demos with a click of a button.

VideoCom Capture

VideoCom Capture is a fast and easy way to capture your screen with annotations and even your microphone. This is great for creating how-to videos, website demos, and also feedback for designs.

There are two ways to start up VideoCom Capture: One is by pressing the hotkey (default Ctrl + Print Screen key) or clicking Start Capture on the system tray.

Mouse hovering over Start Capture on the VideoCom Capture's selection in the System Tray

Start Capture option is located in the System Tray

You can choose either to take a screenshot or record a video, and in either case, VideoCom Capture will allow you to target what you want to capture, either a window, custom area, or monitor.

VideoCom Capture targeting a region of a window

Capture gives you a reticle to target your window.

Then to start recording or take a screenshot, click the Video Camera icon or Camera icon. This will save your media to the VideoCom Cloud and lets you be able to send your creations as a link!

We also have a full guide here on getting started with VideoCom Capture, if you want to see the rest of the features.

VideoCom Presenter

VideoCom Presenter is both a screen recording and presentation software that is capable of not just recording your product demos, but you can deliver them live as well to your audience in conference calls!

VideoCom Presenter’s uses slides and for your product demo, the most you need is to add content to your slides. You can either connect a presentation you’ve already created like from Google Slides or PowerPoint, or you can create your own in Presenter. You can then add elements to go on top of these slides such as your cameras and videos. They could be images of your product, videos of your product in action, or websites, which are entirely interactable on Presenter

Overlay Element's dropdown list

You can add overlay elements directly on your slides

To capture your slides there are two methods: live or recorded. For live demonstrations, you can talk to clients on the usual conferencing tools such as Zoom and Google Meet, for example, and then on Presenter, click Present and then use the conferencing software to capture it!

Buttons to present live or record

Buttons to Present Live or Record

The other method is recording your product demos. For that, just click the Record button at the bottom of Presenter. What’s cool with this method is if you make a mistake, you can use the Re-do slide feature, and it’ll let you go back to the top of the same slide! Your recordings are stored automatically on the VideoCom Cloud, where you can add more useful inserts such as CTAs and other videos, and then send them as unique links to your clients.

With a click of a button, VideoCom makes it easy to have product demos delivered to your potentials. It saves you time while having a product demo that looks professional. For more tips on how to make the most out of Presenter, we have a guide here on how to make your sales pitches more personable.

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