November 28th, 2022

Webcams Make Online Sales Pitches More Personal

Webcams Make Online Sales Pitches More Personal

There is no shortage of tools and resources one can tap into in order to produce a sales pitch online. More often than not, however, you may be missing some key ingredients that could potentially ruin an otherwise perfect presentation.

Even with the continuously rising advancement in technology, human intervention is still one of the most important elements present in many successful products that were ever released to consumers. Can you imagine companies like Apple without thinking of Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates for Microsoft? Yep, I thought so too.

With that said, it's evident that many products of today stick with us more and more because we are aware that a human being is present and heavily involved in the development and presentation of the products we use every day. So, how do we apply the same principle of human connection to our own online sales pitches?

Human intervention has always been an important factor in the success of all companies.

Human intervention has always been an important factor in the success of all companies.

Using Webcams to Establish Human Connectivity

Yes, this wonderful little piece of tech is so often neglected that we're forgetting what it's for. Adding a camera to your sales presentations instantly adds big points of human interaction, making your clients feel that your product is represented by real people too.

VideoCom Presenter makes adding webcams to your existing sales pitches more personal. The app in itself is unbelievably easy to set up and use, even those who aren't techy shouldn't have a hard time navigating it.

Assuming you have Presenter installed and ready to use, all you have to do is add your computer's webcam as a source. Here I'm adding an overlay element so the camera sits on top of my existing as shown in the image below:

Adding a c922 Pro Stream Webcam as an overlay element in VideoCom Presenter

To add your camera, go to + Overlay Element > Camera > Your webcam

Pro tip: You can also add your camera as a full slide if you prefer it that way.

Your camera should now be added on top of your presentation slide. Just like any regular window, the controls should be very familiar as you can freely resize and reposition the camera by dragging it in or by the edges.

Another amazing camera feature of Presenter is that you can remove the background and/or apply a circle mask to the camera, for a more professional-looking slide.

Circle Mask and Background Removal applied to the camera source in VideoCom Presenter

To apply background removal and/or circle mask to your camera source, just click their respective icons at the right-side of the app just below the camera source.

Don't forget that this feature is most effective when in tandem with your existing slides. VideoCom Presenter bridges the gap between your devices and presentations, and combines them into a seamless super presentation that will make creating a sales pitch (and your life) a lot easier!

If you want to take it one step further, then perhaps we can share with you how using Screen Capture can be advantageous to your sales pitches as well.

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