August 22nd, 2022

Virtual All-Hands Meetings Done Right

Virtual All-Hands Meetings Done Right

It was during the course of the pandemic that we discovered how reliable today’s technology is in keeping our business alive. Virtual all-hands meetings are now common and some actually find the transition surprisingly simple yet effective in keeping important business communications alive. Let’s discuss what makes this type of presentation stand out.

What's great about virtual all-hands meetings?

Surely, it is without a doubt that virtual meetings done in the comfort of your own home has many advantages. The time you spend preparing yourself on a daily basis as you commute to work via overcrowded trains and buses is eliminated. Upkeep of physical conference rooms and other office facilities is greatly reduced, thanks to apps such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams–your next meeting is just a few clicks away.

If you think that’s already saying something, wait till you get your hands on VideoCom Presenter for your virtual all-hands meeting, as it allows you to record meetings for others to view later. It’s also got many useful features that allow you to take full control of what viewers can see.

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Making the most of the available tools

When setting up for a virtual meeting, you need to imagine yourself as the viewer–what do you consider to be a fun and interesting virtual meeting? Is it the inclusion of videos, animations, and other types of media? Think of what key elements are needed to keep people engaged during your presentation. As you will most likely use a webcam, make sure your audio and video equipment is properly set up so you can be the best version of your virtual self, which can actually have an impact on the general “feel” of the virtual meeting.

There are lots of supplementary online tools and methods readily available that allow your viewers to give comments, and ask questions and suggestions. Use these tools to your advantage as you see fit–keeping people involved during your virtual meetings ensures that no bright ideas are wasted. Use VideoCom Presenter with your existing PDF, Google Slides, or PowerPoint presentations to easily add various rich media content that will keep viewers’ interest level high.

Invite guest speakers to your virtual all-hands meeting!

It’s always great to have at least one individual representing a department to discuss important matters with everyone during your virtual meeting–it leaves a feeling that everyone is working together towards a common company goal despite everyone working remotely. A well-executed setup like this involves making sure that all of the cameras used by your guests are of good quality, to maintain the professional look and feel of your presentation.

One good practice is to have everyone use the same background style for their webcams. Well, there are instances where you have no control over what’s behind you or your guests. Thankfully, VideoCom Presenter has the option to remove the camera background, which is great when you only want to put yourself directly over your slides without the rest of the camera background getting in the way.

We live in a time where technology has made it so that virtual all-hands meetings are as effective as actually being in the workplace. It’s up to us to take advantage of tools readily available to use to make this work.

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