August 30th, 2022

VideoCom Presenter: An Outstanding Teaching Tool

VideoCom Presenter: An Outstanding Teaching Tool

2020 proved to be a challenging year not just for people in the office, but for educators and school kids as well. Teachers had no choice but to resort to teaching online using video conferencing applications such as Zoom. Of course, the new normal is not meant to last forever as the threat of CoViD-19 slows down.

Most schools have transitioned back to leading students to learn in physical classrooms, and so the old ways of teaching have also returned. Does this mean we’ll also have to say goodbye to using computer applications as we teach? Now, more than ever, our recent knowledge and skills in conducting online classes using certain tools can actually be of great use at school.

VideoCom Presenter is a great tool for developing and presenting top-quality lessons to students of all ages. Read on to find out how.

Using VideoCom Presenter for an improved teaching experience

So you’ve been showing your class the same boring Google Slides or PowerPoint presentations since time immemorial and they’re starting to look dated. Ever wish you can take it to the next level and add more aesthetic value to it with just a few clicks? VideoCom Presenter just might be the only solution

It has never been this easy to add new videos, images, backgrounds, cameras, and other sources to your existing presentation files thanks to Presenter’s easy-to-use tools and features. You can even capture specific application windows or entire display screens and seamlessly add them to your presentation as its own dedicated slide or as an overlay for your existing ones.

Another awesome way how VideoCom Presenter integrates with your pre-made presentations is that it allows syncing of your existing slide notes–or create new ones too with its own built-in presentation notes. If there’s ever a need to update your original presentation files, the re-sync feature eliminates the need to manually reload the entire presentation. How cool is that?

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

VideoCom Presenter is a great alternative to using a chalkboard

Of course, there’s always a time when you need to steer the flow of the lesson in the right direction, making sure everyone is on the same page. With VideoCom Presenter’s laser pointer and annotation tools, it’s now easier than ever to bring your students to pay attention to specific details of your presentation in real-time.

Another awesome thing about this tool is that you can even use them not just with your existing slides, but also for any rich media sources you’ve added. Imagine playing a video (which you can pause at any time) while simultaneously pointing and annotating over important details you don’t want them to miss.

Demonstrating the use of Annotation tools in VideoCom Presenter

Demonstrating the use of Annotation tools in VideoCom Presenter

Want to write down a list on the fly for later reference in class? You can screen capture your word processing app window and use VideoCom Presenter’s laser pointer to drive the course of the lesson without the need to bring a chalk or whiteboard marker with you! You will never run out of creative ideas on how you can upgrade the interactivity of your teaching sessions.

VideoCom Presenter’s reach extends beyond the classroom!

It’s perfectly normal for students to miss a class or two–a lot can happen and may affect our schedule from time to time. VideoCom Presenter’s solution to that is the ability to record a video of the entire presentation from start to finish, allowing absent students to catch up on lessons once they’re able to. This also eliminates the need to repeat the same lessons in case a significant number of students are not present during the class, ensuring your schedule does not suffer.

Another exciting feature of this app is the ability to integrate with video conferencing apps so guests can join your lessons remotely. Let’s say you want to invite a speaker who happens to be thousands of miles away, VideoCom Presenter can add your speaker’s camera as a source and be part of the discussion like they’re in the same classroom as you!

These are but just a few ways you can use VideoCom Presenter in the classroom. The possibilities are practically endless and all it takes is your imagination and wanting to give the best teaching methods for you and your students.

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