August 2nd, 2022

TL;DR - How Video Can Save The Work Email

TL;DR - How Video Can Save The Work Email

For many of us, there is no dread greater than receiving a long email. Pages and pages of text that you know you need to read, but you’ll have to set aside some time. And on the other side, when you have a lot of information you need to get across, it can take a chunk out of your day crafting the perfect email. It doesn’t have to be this way! VideoCom Presenter lets you quickly record a video presentation including all the information you need in much less time than the email would take to read or write! Let’s find out why you, and the people you work with, may prefer a short video to a long email!

Did You Read The Email?

There is a good reason the phrase “too long; didn’t read” exists. Many of us, when faced with a wall of text, will simply scroll quickly through it, trying to take in the key points. Even worse, sometimes you’ll give up and read it “later on.” Now you and I both know that “later on” isn’t going to happen. As a study showed, when presented with both options, 80% of people watched an entire video, whereas 20% of people read a whole piece of text. Now this study was related to marketing, but when it comes to holding your attention, they know a thing or two!

With VideoCom Presenter, making a video with all your relevant sources and media is straightforward. You can import PowerPoint files or Google Slides, throw in images and add your own camera feed to deliver the information. And that’s just the start of what you can do with Presenter!

Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash

Everything In One Place

If you’ve managed to write your email, you have to ensure all the attachments and links are included. This is another thing VideoCom Presenter eliminates! As we mentioned, you can include all of this in the presentation itself.

Do you want to show someone a website? Bring it up on screen and use a virtual pointer to show the exact area you’re looking to show off. Need to get some new design mockups approved and explain your process behind them? You can have them onscreen, along with yourself telling someone why you created what you did.

Once you’ve created your video, you can upload it and immediately send that link to someone via work chat like Slack. Nobody needs to click through to various things or send an “I don’t seem to have the attachments?” reply. It’s all there, easy, and ready to be viewed anytime.

But Could It Be Even Quicker?

Need to send just a quick idea or quickly show someone how to navigate to a specific setting? VideoCom Capture is precisely what you’re looking for! We’ve discussed this before, but if you just want to share a short idea, you can easily capture your screen or even record a short video with your voiceover. This is then uploaded to the cloud, letting you share a link that your colleagues can leave comments on.

Making business communications more accessible and more straightforward is something we’re committed to here at VideoCom, and right now, the future seems bright! Several companies have made great strides in connecting a remote workforce asynchronously, and getting email right is just a piece of the puzzle!

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