July 28th, 2022

Video Messages Are The New Email

Video Messages Are The New Email

Email has been around for a long time, and I'm not here to say that it should go away. It's great when you want to share in-depth information or lay out a series of points for someone to follow. There are plenty of instances where it would be easier if you could show someone what you're trying to teach them. This is where video messages come in! Using VideoCom Capture, you can record in-depth tutorials by just showing them the thing you need someone to look at.

Video messages are perfect for work

A great use case for video messages at work is to demonstrate a process. For example, say the piece of software you're working on has an error. Quickly recording a video where you can show the exact procedure you go through to reproduce the error can be a lot quicker for you than typing it all out. Also, people can see exactly what happens without having to replicate it themselves. It's also great for them to follow along if they need to test it.

Maybe you're trying to show a set of new designs and their various iterations while providing your thought process. With video messages recorded with VideoCom Capture, you can not only record your screen, but you can add a voice-over. This means you can talk through your thought process.

This is quicker as you can demonstrate something in real-time and send a short video, which is playable and stored in the cloud. Also, many people find it easier to put their thoughts together and explain something out loud rather than try to type them all out. It's that ability that can really make video messages stand apart from an email.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

How can I record a video message?

With VideoCom Capture, it's a straightforward process! Once you have downloaded and installed the software, click on the icon, and you'll be prompted to take a screenshot or record a video. Select video, highlight the area you're looking to capture on your desktop, and hit record. Make sure you select the right microphone on your computer before you do from the microphone tab on the menu, but it will go with your default, and you'll see the microphone monitor gauge move as you talk if it's all working.

Once it's done, your video messages will upload automatically to the cloud, where it is not only stored but playable. The link will now be in your clipboard, so it's ready to paste into Slack or anywhere you want! Colleagues can leave comments on the video and replay it whenever necessary.

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