September 9th, 2022

Tips for Pitching as a Non-Profit

Tips for Pitching as a Non-Profit

You've got the confidence and the smile. Now you're on a mission to pitch your non-profit to potential investors, but competition for grants and investments can be fierce, so it's more important than ever to find ways to stand out from the rest. A software solution you can use is VideoCom Presenter, which makes it easy to add your webcam, webpages and screens on top of your presentations. Here are some tips to give you an advantage when pitching to investors.

New media to showcase your non-profit

It's easy to create slides, utilizing the typical bullet list for your points and pictures, but it can come off as uninspired or uninteresting. With VideoCom Presenter's toolset, you can add extra media such as your webcam, screen share, webpages and videos on top of your slides. No problem if you already built your slides somewhere else - VideoCom Presenter lets you import from PowerPoint, Google Slides and PDF files.

A common issue some pitches go through is the need to share screen, which can come with potential distractions such as notifications popping up or showing unwanted screens. VideoCom Presenter helps by letting you add specific windows as elements in your slides, so no other window appears on top of the one you're showing. This saves time and keeps your audience engaged.

Integrate your website and social media presence

It can be hard to showcase the hard work you may have built into your website or social media presence. One solution for that is adding the webpage as an element directly inside VideoCom Presenter where it is interactable, and you can show directly to your viewers where you are clicking. Adding webpages directly on the slides helps you showcase client portals, apps and promotional material. You can even add videos saved from your computer and YouTube videos, which can be more valuable than static images.

Board room meeting

Stay visible when you pitch

Forming a connection with an audience is an essential aspect of delivering presentations, and losing the personable connection in these virtual sessions can make that more difficult.

With VideoCom Presenter, adding your camera to every slide can keep yourself visible to your audience. You can also use VideoCom Presenter's remove background feature to automatically remove your camera's background without a green screen! This makes you feel like a part of your presentation and helps keep your audience invested in what you want to say.

Remote environments aren't the only way to make the most out of VideoCom Presenter; you can also use these features for in-person meetings! For more tips and tricks, check out our guide to improving your presentations here.

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