August 11th, 2022

Tips To Improve Your Workplace Communication

Tips To Improve Your Workplace Communication

Workplace communication, or lack thereof, is one of the critical factors a lot of people will discuss when it comes to negatives at work. It can hold up deadlines, put blockers in place for people to get their work done, and sometimes actively make a place bad to work in! There are, however, a few ways you can improve your workplace communication. Let’s take a look at a few things you could implement!

Find Flexibility In Your Workplace Communication

In the remote, hybrid, digital age we are now in, you can afford to offer flexibility in your communication. You no longer have to say, “everyone needs to be in this place at this time for a meeting.” With asynchronous communication more possible, you can offer some flexibility in how your team communicates.

Chances are you’re already using apps like Slack to send messages, but visual information can also be disseminated outside of a call. VideoCom Capture, for example, allows you to take quick screenshots with annotations or even video with your own voice-over. This lets you explain a concept and get feedback without needing a meeting. This is uploaded and stored in the cloud so it can be accessed anytime!

Workplace Communication Improves with Team Bonding

Making sure a team can sit down and just talk without having to work is something people can forget about when planning workplace communication. With remote work, this can seem challenging, but it doesn’t have to be! Schedule a regular event that everyone can opt to join if they want to. Ideally, make it during company time, so it doesn’t feel like a burden. The better everyone gets on, the easier they will find it to communicate. This will, in turn, help productivity, so it’s really a no-brainer!

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Keep An Honest And Open Culture

When setting out any task, it’s important people know why they are doing it. How is this helping overall? Why is it staffed the way it is? A lack of communication and clear information leads to frustration, negativity, and lower productivity. You can’t always share the specific details of everything but it’s essential to be as open and honest as possible.

Providing feedback in this manner is also essential. Be sure to give your team avenues to offer open and private feedback. This means you can help uncover hidden issues that may be affecting your team members. This can easily be done with Google Forms, where feedback can be received without requiring team members to give their names.

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Make Sure You Really Listen

One final tip is the importance of actually listening. Improving your “active listening” is a vital tool for everyone but particularly management. If someone is telling you something, you need to ensure you are taking in everything they say. Sometimes, it can be what they’re not telling you that can give you clues as to a problem that they may be experiencing. Making sure that when someone communicates something to you that you really listen is critical for workplace communication.

Getting your workplace communication in a place where everyone feels heard and can operate to their full potential doesn’t happen immediately. It’s going to take some new systems, software, and most importantly, time and effort. Once it gets working, you will reap the benefits of productivity and a work environment that people are proud of!

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