August 17th, 2022

Reasons Your Monthly Company Meetings Should Be Pre-Recorded

Reasons Your Monthly Company Meetings Should Be Pre-Recorded

It can be hard to get everyone together for an all-hands meeting or to make a big announcement at work. This could be because of the holidays, busy schedules, or other plans. However, if you record your company updates beforehand instead of doing them live, they will be smoother, more organized, and more flexible for your coworkers.

Here are the benefits of pre-recorded meetings and how VideoCom Presenter can help you manage them more effectively.

The Benefits of Pre-Recorded Meetings

Using VideoCom Presenter, you can write down what you want to say ahead of time and then record it carefully so you don’t trip over any words. VideoCom Presenter has a built-in preview that lets you ensure your presentation is displaying correctly, and you can add voiceovers and annotations to your slides as you go. You can also rehearse and review your recordings and then watch them back to see where you need to make changes.

Using these tips, you can give a more engaging, polished, and professional presentation. It can also cut out unnecessary filler and dead air time, letting you say the same things in less time. This is something that your busy coworkers will surely appreciate!

When you record meetings ahead of time, you can also make it easy for your chosen guest to join the presentation. Although it is possible to do this live, pre-recordings can make the process more convenient. You can accommodate your guest’s schedule, giving you a better chance of getting their time. With VideoCom Presenter, you can also help your viewers by adding quick annotations that are easy to create and direct their attention towards the most relevant details.

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Videos Can Be Replayed Anytime

Anyone who missed the meeting can watch and replay your videos at anytime, saving you the time of having to give the presentation again. You can also upload your videos to the VideoCom Cloud or websites like YouTube so your audience can watch them whenever they choose. With the option to pre-record, employees can choose a time that works for them throughout the day without having to put other projects on hold.

Doing this for your coworkers will spare them from leaving their most important and urgent tasks to attend a meeting. Instead, they can plan their day and not miss out on the information. It will give your coworkers more control over how they spend their work day.

With a pre-recorded video, people can watch it more than once if they want to. Pre-recorded videos are also a great way for your coworkers to review the material, retain all the information, or show it to another coworker. Again, this can save you time and help you reach more people while making things easier for your audience and their schedules.

If you record your big company updates ahead of time, you can improve the quality of the presentation and make it easier for your coworkers to watch when it is most convenient for them. We have some helpful tips to get you started and some ideas for making it shine.

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