September 9th, 2022

Level Up Online Meetings Using Media-Rich Content

Level Up Online Meetings Using Media-Rich Content

Everybody's well aware of the fact that the pandemic transformed how we communicate at work. Nowadays, countless industries use online video communications platforms to do presentations and get things done, and with that, I'm pretty sure we've all had our share of boring meetings from time to time. Fortunately, there are many ways in which we can level up our online presentations for a better, more engaging experience for you and your colleagues.

Using visuals to improve your online meetings

Everyone can agree that using pictures and videos is very effective in helping people understand our ideas. Seeing data in the form of charts and diagrams is definitely easier to comprehend than just hearing about them.

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Use the best tool for your presentation

VideoCom Presenter is definitely the best app for the job! Its easy-to-use features will surely make it effortless to add media-rich such as images, cameras, videos from your computer or YouTube, and other visual content to your PDF, Google Slides, or PowerPoint Presentations. It also comes with tools that allow you to do real-time annotations to draw their attention where it matters most.

It also works great as a virtual camera for apps such as Zoom, Teams, and more! Make your online meetings the best yet using VideoCom Presenter.

Choose the most relevant visuals

The pictures and videos you use can make or break your presentation. It’s important to use visuals that are not only relevant to your topic but also one that’s appropriate for your audience.

Worried about showing images that may not attract enough attention? You can use VideoCom Presenter’s virtual pointer and annotation feature to help point the flow of your topic in the right direction, resulting in a better, less confusing presentation that everyone can enjoy.

VideoCom Presenter's Virtual Pointer and Annotation feature

VideoCom Presenter's Virtual Pointer and Annotation feature

Bullet points for better thought organization

When it comes to itemizing ideas for emphasis, bullet points are one of the most useful symbols available. Instead of very long sentences which can possibly lead readers astray, use bullet points to ensure important bits of info in your presentation are well distributed.

Colors are just as important

You may not know it, but colors affect our behavior and attitude towards things around us. When creating your presentation, it’s very important that you use the most relevant and fitting color themes. Of course, it’s always wise to align your color choices with what your company represents, but do not forget to use shades and tones that will set the right mood for the entire meeting in general.

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Adding video content can spice up your presentation

One of the more creative ways to show what your online meeting is all about is to add videos as visuals. It’s always refreshing to take a quick break when presenting live by showing your audience pre-made video content so you won’t be stuck showing yourself on cam for the entirety of the presentation.

Allowing your content to be created in advance and later shown to everyone as a video presentation is also a great way to reduce the hassle of having to do things manually. Moreover, there are endless possibilities when it comes to adding creative flair to your video (music, transition effects) that will keep your audience entertained at the same time! You can never go wrong with a media-rich online meeting, as long as you use it to your advantage and not excessively.

We hope these tips will help you in creating an effective and fun online presentation. VideoCom Presenter is a one-of-a-kind tool that can do just that!

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