September 7th, 2022

How Video Messaging Can Improve Work Communication

How Video Messaging Can Improve Work Communication

There are many methods of communication in the workplace, but video messaging is sometimes overlooked. Sending a video message has the potential to be quicker to create and watch compared to scheduling and assigning meetings.

When are video messages useful?

Rather than relying solely on text, as is the case with chat and email, video communications use the sender's voice, face, and screen to maximize the effectiveness of the message. As a bonus, a video message can be much more engaging and personable than text.

Delivering an update on a project, showcasing bug reports, or analyzing stats, for example, not only benefits from being sent as video messages but also saves time for you and your team from needing to draw them out through meetings, phone calls, and emails.

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How do I send a video message?

An incredibly easy way to send a video message is through the VideoCom platform. VideoCom Capture, in particular, lets you select what you want to record, and it'll start recording! You can even add in a voiceover. Once your message is recorded, VideoCom Capture will upload your recorded video on the VideoCom Cloud, where a personal link is generated and can be sent to your colleagues. Anyone who doesn't have the ink will be unable to view the video. It's as simple as that!

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Your link can also be shared via email, Slack, Teams, or any other internal communication tool used by your company. The video message will stay secured on the VideoCom Cloud.

If you want to create a more intricate video, you can use VideoCom Presenter, which can integrate your camera, Google Slides, videos, and even guests into your presentation! You can even use VideoCom Presenter to record company meetings, pitch a product, and do in-depth demonstrations. With VideoCom Presenter, it's simple to convey any message just by sending a video.

Video messages can be both more efficient and more interesting than text-based explanations. Our blogs can show you how to take your videos to new heights, so check them out and see what's possible!

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