August 31st, 2022

How to Make Your Presentations Interesting

How to Make Your Presentations Interesting

It's pretty easy to make a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation, but if you don't put any thought into it, it can also look dull and you risk it not being interesting to your viewers. I recommend importing your presentations onto VideoCom Presenter, which will provide you with a varied toolset that adds extra flair to your slides, making your presentation more memorable and fun for your audience.

Add variety to your presentations

Keeping things varied is the key to entertaining presentations. For example, having slides with bullet points isn't going to hold everyone's attention throughout the entire presentation; instead, consider adding visuals such as images, videos, and diagrams. With VideoCom Presenter, you can add extra media directly onto your slides, such as your camera, pictures, videos, webpages, and even entire screens. In your presentations, for example, you can have some slides with your camera in the corner, another slide with an interactable webpage, and another slide showing your entire screen.

When presenting or demonstrating, a good rule of thumb is always to show rather than tell how to do something. For example, walking someone through a procedure is far more memorable and interesting than just explaining it. VideoCom Presenter gives you more sources at your disposal, providing far more flexibility in conveying your message and helping maintain your audience's interest.

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Complement your presentation with the right media

To avoid monotony and keep your presentation engaging, you can switch up how you deliver your content to your audience. For example, instead of simply reading through bullet points, use these as springboards for any illustrations or narratives to support these points. If you go through one slide delivering a topic, you can consider adding a pre-recorded video clip on the next slide. It also helps to explain what's happening in the video and give your audience a summary afterward. VideoCom Presenter allows you to add entire videos as slides or overlay elements if you want to add videos directly to your existing slides. Illustrative media or a change-up in delivery helps support your presentation and, at the same time, gives context to your audience for better understanding.

Test your presentations beforehand

Before the presentation, it's worth checking if it is running smoothly. VideoCom Presenter has a preview screen that shows how it looks to your audience. You can also record and review yourself to practice anything you're unsure about: a particular element in the slide or a lack of confidence in delivery; doing this can help you pinpoint those spots. When you encounter these difficult spots, you can learn more about them or keep practicing until you're satisfied with your progress.

When set up correctly, VideoCom Presenter keeps your presentation materials ready and in the proper order. You can easily go from a screen share to a webcam view or a webcam view on top of your screen share; VideoCom Presenter ensures that your next slide is ready to go with a click of a button. A smooth and well-varied presentation helps your audience concentrate on your delivery and makes for a more engaging presentation.

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