September 4th, 2022

Enhance Your Online Teaching With VideoCom Presenter

Enhance Your Online Teaching With VideoCom Presenter

One of the biggest advantages of having online classrooms is the opportunity to choose what technology you want to bring into managing and delivering your presentations.VideoCom Presenteris a great starting point to add that extra flare to your presentations, whether you are a beginner or a pro working in the education sector for years.

Add new media to online teaching

You may already be used to PowerPoint, Google Slides, or PDF files powering your lessons. The good news is that you can import them, notes and all, directly onto VideoCom Presenter, and then VideoCom Presenter gives you an extra set of media tools to build above your slides or create your own. Want your camera to appear on the corner of a slide? Add a camera source and arrange it anywhere you want on VideoCom Presenter's preview screen, which is what will show to your audience.

Or, say you want to add a remote guest over Zoom to appear with you in your presentation. With VideoCom Presenter, you can add your camera as an element on a blank or existing slide, and for your guest, add a screen capture element and then target the Zoom window your guest is on, and they will be on your presentation! Just make sure to crop the edges of the Zoom window to fit the sides of your guest's camera screen.

Pre-record your lessons

While having more media sources at your disposal is great for live presentations, you can also enhance your online lessons through pre-recordings. Pre-recordings can be used in all kinds of ways, for example: recording all your online classes, either for your convenience to practice through the material or for your students; for advanced material or demonstrations that you can insert onto your current live presentation or make available for students; and for creating content that even your colleagues can use on their teaching materials.

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Make your lessons available anytime

Recording with VideoCom Presenter also lets you store them immediately on the VideoCom Cloud. There, your videos are automatically segmented based on your slides, making it easier for your audience to go through the recording and play back any section based on the slide you covered. Another benefit of having your videos on the VideoCom Cloud is the ability to attach extra files, such as reading materials that your students can access. Sharing your videos is also easy. Just click Share, and a shareable link is generated for you to send to your students.

VideoCom Presenter is a powerful tool that can enhance your teaching content in different ways, from slide management to recording. Do check out our list of suggestions on how you can improve your presentations.

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