August 24th, 2022

Best Online Tools for Entrepreneurs

Best Online Tools for Entrepreneurs

Taking the path to entrepreneurship is no easy task at all, but the rewards for your dedication can be great. Nowadays, businesses can be built in the comfort of your own home–all you have to do is know that there are tools available online that can help make things a lot easier in building your career in business which is cool considering how much time and work you need to allocate to ensure success.

Tools to Help Manage Meetings

No business is without human interaction, and with this, you’ll definitely need to meet with a lot of people who might be interested in your product. Not only that, constant communication with colleagues is a vital part of your company’s success. Sure, you may have your trustee secretary doing all the scheduling for your meetings, but if you’re just starting up, chances are you will have to do things yourself and that includes making sure to keep a well-organized list of people to meet and when you’ll meet with them.

Calendly makes setting up meetings as easy as pie by providing tools that allow choosing the event type, time of availability, and more! Each event generates a link you can send to people you will meet with, then they get to set the time most convenient for them. Isn’t that amazing?

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Cloud Storage

Cloud technology has come a very long way. Who would have thought that just about anyone with an internet connection nowadays can upload big-sized files at high speed, eliminating the need to bring physical storage solutions? One such option that’s widely used for online storage is Google Drive, and for me, it really gets the job done in storing most files in general without much of a hassle.

If you’re someone who prefers storing rich media files online, however, then you might want to take a look at Dropbox as it works great when you want your uploaded videos to be available for playback without the long wait process. What’s great about these two options is that they’re both free to use–go ahead and test them out to see which works best for what your business needs.

Screen Capture Solution

One of the greatest advantages of using cloud technology is that there are applications designed to make good use of its capabilities. VideoCom Capture is an all-in-one solution that allows you to capture and record your screen, which is then uploaded to the VideoCom Cloud to generate a shareable link! 

Now you won’t have to use multiple programs to capture, share, and even add timestamps to your uploaded screen recordings. VideoCom Capture can do all that!

Tools for Project Management

With your business growing and more people joining in, it’s imperative that all tasks assigned to people in your workplace are well-communicated and easily accessible–this is to make sure you’re dealing with as few issues with your business processes as possible. If you’re still reading this, then chances are that you mostly work with people staying at home. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have effective project management software in situations like this.

Clickup, meistertask, and Trello are very popular solutions for managing projects online. These collaborative task management tools are so essential that it’s hard to imagine working remotely without them nowadays. Most similar apps use the Kanban board system as it’s easy to understand and use.

Money Transfer Solution

What better way to reward your hard-working staff (and yourself too) than by paying their salaries without having to deal with the complications of multi-currency bank processes and unjust fees? It’s possible thanks to Wise, which allows you to create a multi-currency account so you can transfer money to anyone around the world.

Gone are the days when you need to fill out endless and confusing forms when wire transferring.

Presentation Tool

I’m pretty sure at some point you will have to meet with prospective customers and investors online to present your product. There’s also a big chance that each of them would prefer to use one video communications platform over another (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.), and that can be just as stressful as creating the actual presentation itself.

Fortunately, VideoCom Presenter is designed to simplify this process for you! Open your existing PowerPoint, Google Slides, or PDF files and from there you can add all sorts of rich media such as videos, images, cameras, and web pages. Once that’s done, run your preferred video chat software and use VideoCom Presenter as your virtual camera. People will be amazed at how professional and seamless your presentation flow will be!

I hope you find these tools helpful. I myself can attest to the fact that they’re life-changing and makes work easy and fun.

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